Women in Islam – a Practical Example


Muslims like to claim that Islam advocates equality of rights for women in an Islamic society. While I’ve always known for this claim to be utterly and unashamedly false – every now and then a Muslim group or organization in Pakistan or elsewhere in the Muslim world does something that just plain gives their game away.

Case in point – the ‘Equality of Opportunities for Women Employment Bill 2005’ – that was recently presented in the Pakistani National Assembly. Since Islam is all for equality of civil rights for women – and since Pakistan is a Muslim nation – one would think that such a bill would be passionately supported by the conservative Muslim political parties, right? Wrong!

The bill was presented by PPP – a progressive and somewhat secular faction in the National Assembly and while the bill eventually passed – it is telling that MMA voted against the bill.

MMA is the united alliance of pro-Islam political parties in Pakistan. Enough said.


4 thoughts on “Women in Islam – a Practical Example

  1. There are clear guidelines on the Rights of Women in Islam. Although indeed Women, enjoy full rights in Islam, they have to be within the tenets of Islam. Majority of women with the understanding of their faith have no problem doing so. It is those who lack basic knowledge, and are not really taught the way it should be that question it. Goal is to educate Islam in the right way. If you look back 40 years ago, you will curse your fellow supporters on what rights were essential for women according to them. Islam on the otherhand gave Women a high status 1400 years ago.

  2. What the f** is the news in this? Who is your readership anyways? If its anybody in Pakistan, there’s nothing even remotely new here. And for the rest of us who aren’t this post is filled with rhetorical fallacies, and thus is a terrible argument. Again, get your shit together.

    Oh and good job on being atheist for the sake of being atheist. On being atheist just so you can bitch at the country that gave you everything you have. Fabulous.

    • And what has this country given to anyone? What can they be proud of on the international stage? And being an Atheist for the sake if being an Atheist? Tell me **** how does that work?

  3. People who claim that Islam gives full rights to women, are either ignorant of their holy book and the ahadees, or are using linguistic gymnastics, i.e., “Although indeed Women, enjoy full rights in Islam, they have to be within the tenets of Islam.”

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