Bring me the Cartoonist’s head


An Indian provincial minister, Haji Yaqoob Qureishi, has placed a 510 million Indian Rupee (US$ 11 million) bounty on the head of the person who caricatured the Prophet. Unfortunately for him – and probably unbeknownst to him – the series of twelve original cartoons that were published in Jyllands-Posten were by twelve different cartoonists; the irony is the ignorance.


6 thoughts on “Bring me the Cartoonist’s head

  1. Just came across your blog via technorati.Unlike ignorants of western society.It would be sad for me that you might potray wrong image of your country(Pakistan).

    Keep in mind,you and me both are Pakistani.I always encourage to expose evil of my society but painting all with same brush is pretty pathetic for a sane society.Lets see whats comes from your side.Will it be another _HateIslam_ website?If yes then I will be more pleased to know frustration of outer world *grin*

  2. India has become a weakly governed state! a rascal, a fanatic, a criminal can become a Member of parliament, easily with money power! That provincial minister, Haji Yaqoob Qureishi should have been arrested & booked under the appropriate laws ( communal incitement or criminal violence. Alas, everything in the subcontinent is ruled by “absolute dirty politics”!
    The human nature…in it’s most natural state is ‘divine’….all these ‘organized’ faiths or religions are necessarily evil. That’s why the first thing which communists did was to literally destroy the places of worship in those countries…arrested the preachers and started proper education…Lenin,Mao all did that…

  3. I hate no religion, whether Christianity, Judaism, Islam (actually not a religion but a way of life), Hinduism, etc. Everyone has their right to believe or not to believe in whatever they choose to do so. So, here I would say no one should criticize anyone of any belief and that we all should keep our words/comments within discipline, non vulgar, as many budding youngsters could be reading this blog; the elders of free thoughts should be exemplary.

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