Best Advice I Received


Some of the best advice I received about raising children as an atheist parent, came from a fellow ex-Muslim atheist who left a comment to the post below, who has, in fact, done just that: He raised his children to grow up to become rational, enlightened human beings.

I also raised my kids who were being corrupted by religious propaganda. I raised certain questions about the ridiculous concept of heaven and paradise and the kids developed some skepticism against religion. By the time they were in universities all of them turned towards rational philosophy. Now they are married and are free from any religious beliefs.

MORAL: Create doubt in their minds but don’t force anything. They would explore themselves and it would be OK. Give them books of Karen Armstrong and others to read.

-Najeeb Khan


8 thoughts on “Best Advice I Received

  1. Dear Atheist,

    “””Create doubt in their minds but don’t force anything. They would explore themselves and it would be OK.”””


    Couldn’t agree more !

  2. This can be the most stupid advice parents can give to destroy their own generation — Ham tto doobey haiN sanam tum ko bhi ley doobeiN gey.

  3. Oh wow, seems just like an antireligous cult to me. I thought he whole point of atheism and agnoticism was freedom and rationale, and brainwashing kids at an early age portrays that you may have an antireligious agenda, that you want enforced on your kids.
    just like the fucking believers who want their believes shoved down everybody else throats. Just saying.
    Remember, we are BORN FREE.
    : )

  4. I’m glad my father used the same method…I remember he helped me out with my Islamiyat homework from school and chuckled at every irrational story , like the one with animals and birds coming to the rescue of Muslims. Lol

  5. Are there organizations in PK that I can support that are trying to move Pk away from religion and intolerance??

  6. Even though I was brought up in a fairly religious household, I still managed to become an atheist (primarily due to the curiosity in my mind which led to proper reasoning). Now I’ve convinced my mom to become one too!

    Keep the posts going.

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