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I can be reached by sending an email to Pakistani dot Atheist at gmail dot com.

You can also contact me by leaving a comment anywhere on this website. I do read all the feedback I get – so feel free to speak your mind.


34 thoughts on “I have something to say

  1. Hi There! I just found your blog and you write very well. Congratulations. I want to know if you have given up writing because there are no updates on the blog. I myself am an Ex-muslim and now atheist but can’t write very well. I hope you start writing again because I’m sure there are a ton of muslims who are atheist now but are afraid to come out. We need to be an encouragement for eachother so please keep writing.

    Thank you!

    • Dear Lala,
      I am a University student and I am working on a project about Atheist ex-Muslims, specifically those who have or use blogs to talk about their ideas and difficulties. I think that the Atheist ex-Muslim community is a very interesting one with unique challenges. If you are willing, could I get your email and send you a few questions? I won’t overburden you, and I assure you that my goal is a truthful, well-reasoned and impartial report on the subject. If you are willing to talk, please respond as soon as possible and I will send you my questions. Thank you so much for your time!

  2. u did good but people who r looking at this may also need to kno how many people from pakistan are athiest, lik 4 a report!!!

  3. Well it’s good to see that you are one of the few people who think logically… I myself am a muslim….But unlike majority of the muslims in the world i have researched and foundout logical reasons for gods existence and also the reason why islam is the only religion to stay with… and to tell you the truth it feels fantastic when your trust on your beleif and concepts are unshakable… I don’t know why i’m saying this all… but the thing i’m sure about is that i really want to test my beleif… i would really like to discuss basic concepts of islamic and communist ideology with you… so that if you are right i may convert to the right path, where as you do the same if i’m correct… I hope you’ll like to discuss too… because in this world one may find only a few people discussing these kinds of things… Generally people say that islam stops these kinds of discussions but actually it promotes thinking on these lines… because if your beleif is backed by your rational and provides tranquility to your heart then you can really carry that beleif…
    I hope didn’t waste your time…
    And i also hope that you’ll soon write to my email address…

    • hello Mr. Saad.
      my name is Tahir also a Pakistani, i would love to discuss with you about what are you asking to Mr. atheist. i would love to share and listen any materials about religions and history must be base on fact and make sense to discuss in a civilized manners. i have some good questions and answers regarding that, so if you are interesting kindly than drop a word at my email add at tahirjahn@gmail.com. i am looking forward for your reply. thanks and have pleasant day.

  4. i begin to have serious doubt and skepticisam over what in the medium of ideology and relegion is spoonfed to us . For the last few months i have had full time internet and had so much exposure to all cross-currents of life, god, philosophy, science and the assinine attitude of relegious bigots that it sets me on a very unconventional thinking apparatus, i believe in god all the more now but i think no relegion is necessary for ultimate union with god, and an athiest is at far higher plane of understanding of god than deeply relegious ones. indeed being a rational athiest is what god want us to be.

  5. The way you “Ex-Muslim Atheist” proclaim yourselves to be interlectual, with your interest in philosophy, as if to be atheist is somehow to find enligtenment. That may be the case. But next time you are here in the UK, where most people are atheiest,agnistic or “Not bothered”, you should sit down and chat with the common folk about life, and I’m sure you will be astounded at just how enlightended they are about life the universe, Big Brother, tattoos, boozing, holidays, tv.Then compare this to a conversation you might have with a “simple” villager in Paskinan and I bet you’ll find moire insight and thought from the uneducated Muslim paindoo than from the average GCSE laiden brit.

    I really would love to see you and your western-secular loving droolers come and stay in a place like Salford or Croxteth and see for yourselves what the end result of “enlightended free-thinking” for the masses leads to. I bet yo can’t wait for the day when your sister have 5 kids from 5 different fathers , when there isnt even a semblance of respstc between elders and younguns. No really, you should come watch Big Brother and be amazed at the high brow stuff coming out from people , and not one mention of religion – you’ll be overjoyed.

    Still, you’re learning well – your “a picture paints a thousand words” caption is classical anti-Muslim media stuff. Absence of context, and balance. If I recall correctly, there weren’t huge armies of Muslims invading Denmark, and actually many Muslims made an effort to engage in the debate (not always possible in the highly intellectualised western media to have a fair debate thoigh is it). Some, myslef included boycott Danish products – this is a legimate protest tool open to all and used by allsorts of people, even your vbeloved US will use this to starve people.

    Still, it’sgood to know that in Paskinan you tread carefully … let’s pray that itstays that way ….. forever.

    • Dear SR,
      my name is tahir syed a Pakistani also.. i am not as well educated as you are and others on this site but i dare to say that i am blessed with good common sense well read of all sorts of religions books. i hate debates and arguments specially about religion and politics, but would love to shares ideas in a civilized manner with the peoples, who had a great patience and knowledge.. i like wise agreed with cultural immorality you wrote down here of the place of so called free world where you are leaving presently.. but i would dare to say that immorality has nothing to do with that being religious or non religious, its all about person own character and behavior, and understanding the difference between right and wrong. i will gave no examples of others but my very own self and to go further, and also if you are interesting too to know, than please let me know.my email address is tahirjahn@gmail.com.. i am looking forward to hear from you .. thank you and have pleasant day…..

    • I am an atheist writing from the Czech Republic, and I am an American citizen. I’m sorry but your challenge is unfounded. You’re obviously disgusted by the average football fan who spends all his free time drinking. Nobody is saying that secularism is all that is required for being an intellectual. That would be silly, and you did a fine job burning that strawman.

      However, secular societies have historically performed better, and those with a college education are more likely to be non-religious than those who are not. You issued the challenge of a comparison between an average “villager” in pakistan and one of the “common folk” in the UK. I would respond in kind by telling you to visit the bible belt in the united states and evaluate the intelligence of the people who made a museum depicting people riding dinosaurs.

      The writer of this blog actively feels in danger if he were to express his ideas.
      For you to sit there and write as though that is better than the religious freedom of secular society is rather nasty of you.

  6. I like your website. I am also from Pakistan and moved to North America 20 years ago. I hated the fact that God was enforced 24/7 in Pakistan. Unfortunately I am married to a Pakistani woman and slowly we have built a circle of Pakistani friends and relatives. I have yet to come across another true Pakistani atheist and I feel very lonely here.

    I wonder if you know anyone like us in Canada? My advice for you would be to move here as well if you wanna live free of fear.


    • We are an atheist Pakistani family living in Canada.
      There are plenty more of us out there than you would think. We’re just afraid to tell each other, pretty sad. You’ll find that Pakistani Atheists admit their lack of faith to people of all other faiths, other than Muslims– for obvious fear of being criticized and seen as social outcasts.

      Emancipate yourself and come out of the Islamic Closet!


  7. Hi, I don’t know your name so I’ll just address this to whoever writes this blog

    all I have to say is WICKED job!
    first of …That is EXACTLY my story!!

    Here are some of similarities:
    – the fact that it didn’t happen over night
    – at first your beliefs were of an agnostic THEN an atheist
    – the fact that Philosophy was what motivated you to become a conscious thinker
    – the fact the your parents were slight more religious then most ( my family is religious in the sense that they pray 4 times a day, etc however hijaab and music and that stuff, there is no issue about that
    – the fact that you had this change within you was during your teen years and especially at the time you needed it the most (I’m going to be 18 in July and have been thinking like this for the past year and a half, ever since I was 16)

    I mean just loads of things that you went through, I went through as well! it great to know you are a Pakistani as well! but the thing is I don’t know if I’m ready to classify myself as an atheist at this point because its a confusing thing to go through, especially if you were a Muslim before, and Islam as a religion is great, its just not for me

    I wanted to ask you, how will you be raising your kids?
    Muslims or atheist?
    honestly, I think I wont be forcing Islam on them, whatever makes them happy
    YET at the same time, I know most people need something to believe in, like I did before, still do, but now its not as painful knowing that I firmly don’t believe in an after life and God

    so yeah def. get back!
    also where are you from in Pakistan? i’m from Lahore, was born there but was raised in North America , mainly Toronto, Canada


  8. Congratulations for your brave, sincere and intellectual stance. It must be very tough to be in your shoes, I hope you keep your inner strength and I hope in the future you will not be forced to hide your views from your surrounding. I will end this with one question: have you ever thought about moving to a secular country where you could openly share your philosophy and if yes, how come you have not done this yet? Best wishes.

  9. I have to say, welcome to hell and congratulations in freeing yourself from the misery and fear of blind faith and religious dogma force fed to us by our society and religion (like Islam) as a whole.

    I had a similar journey myself and you are not alone my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am also a fellow Pakistani and a fellow Atheist (‘Dehria’ in Urdu) ex-Muslim. I call myself a Secular Humanist ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would like to invite you to the Council of ExMuslims website http://www.councilofexmuslims.com/index.php (unless you arent there already) and I hope you join our forum and be a part of us.

    Share your story and find support and others who appreciate who they really are.

    Kabhi kabhar baat cheet karney sey hii insaan apney aap ko jaan sakta hai.

  10. We are a couple of Atheists in Karachi and have a support group arranging regular meetups. Drop me a note or ask your KHI friends to drop me a note for an invitation to the FB group where they can get more details. Just make sure no infidel killers are invited ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. MN
    Islam is a copy of certain previous religions.It is not great.It is only theoretical,far fetched from nature and realities of life.You may ask any question and I have the answer.

  12. for all those who call themseleves as aethiests..i just wish u knew..
    if this is what u stick to then there is nothing else for u than fire in the hereafter?r u ready to bear that???
    dont need a reply..just think over it..

    • There is no life after death – thats just a concept created to make people afraid so that they will stay with religion out of fear. I am an atheist – I only believe in reason and evidence. I treat everyone with love and respect, not through fear but because it is a sensible and fulfilling way for humans to interact with each other. I have no fear about any mythical afterlife- this is my only life and I will try to live it well.

  13. Hello

    I belong to a group on facebook who is very concerned for the welfare of this Pakistani who has been deported from England. This is where you can find the group. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=66641135394&v=wall&story_fbid=433212160394#!/group.php?gid=302406086662

    This is one of the admins of the group who can be contacted http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=66641135394&v=wall&story_fbid=433212160394#!/nyjackson

    Hopefully you can help in some way.

    Kind regards.


  14. i am atheist from the uk and i just wanted to say i think youre brilliant and applaud you for this page and all the thinking and research you must have undertaken on your path. i was slighly put out by one of the posts above (from SR)about the uk but i have to say that we have ignorant limited people here just like in every society and not all of them are atheist. the world is changing very fast and although i celebrate the decline of religion it seems that some people need to think a little about moral standards (again ,not just those with no religion). really though, the nicest people i know tend to be atheist or agnostic and a good place to make friends and discuss these things is youtube. there are always debates going on and there are a rapidly growing number of exmuslims who do not feel alone anymore. my best friend from age 5 to 15 was muslim and i remember many cultural absurdities that she had to endure (her mother is english). im proud to say she went her own way although her relationship with her father suffered greatly. she is a doctor and mother and loves the freedom we enjoy here as women. good luck, o fellow truther. i wish you and all other on here much peace,luck and love.

  15. Hi
    I am absolutely delighted that someone from Pakistan has the courage to speak out against God. As a fellow human being, I hope you remain safe. People of Pakistan really need people like you. I hope this group grows and spreads.

    with warm regards

  16. Sir

    I am wondering why this site is not active. Please make the site active. Your group would act as a beacon of hope for the country that is ridden with fanaticism.

    Thanks and regards

  17. Science is also an imaginary thing , y you people believe in science ? A theory becomes Theory after an imagination.

    God is not an imaginary being , u can touch u can feel u can see the God almighty,

    Examine your inner by Meditation , Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day and feel that you are seeing your God.
    After Few days you will b able to feel the Existence of God.

  18. Everyone has his own mind set….i would respect your feelings as you care about yourself more than me…..!!
    I wouldnt say you to see God or find but there are some facts which must have to be revealed…..
    I was a normal Muslim, a young boy who got his own feelings….who always thinks about himself….Allah (God) was just a source of satisfaction for me for a while, when i was asking Him for help or any thing else…….Allah (God ) had not practically any place in my life…..as a normal guy i also used to pray God when i need Him….and bla bla bla many more….

    Then a time comes in my life, when i was in love with a girl…deeply love with a girl but when she rejected me, i was totally alone in my life….i was not in a position to tell any one about that difficult moment of life……
    then for the first time, with good intentions i offer Namaz and many more prayers with Good intention….Just to make Allah (God) happy and so that a time would come when my desire could be easily fulfilled……

    with this good intention…..instead of more loving that girl….i start loving Allah, i start feeling Allah…..now my life is more good more satisfied more easy…..i am more confident…..my life is revolutionized…..

    i am just saying…..just check whether your intention was good while you were deciding to become an atheist

  19. Everyone is entitled to the way they choose to think in this world, and choose was given to us by Allah. Now, to choose whats right is where real intellect comes in and plays it part. Most of you are in a deep inferiority complex that tends to be common among Pakistanis. Please don’t lose hope, it can be overcome Insha Allah.

    Reza Aslan made this cerebral statement in an article that he had wrote for the Washington post.

    By making that connection, Aslan suggested, I was expressing a typical atheist belief that religious people are โ€œstupidโ€ and that
    atheists are more intelligent than believers. I readily acknowledge, as I told the audience, that there are stupid atheists and intelligent religious believers, if we are talking about intelligence as an inherent capacity to learn and understand the world. But education and natural intellectual capacity are hardly identical. Education is a system of instruction, and an assemblage of historical and scientific knowledge, that puts intelligence to use and makes it much more difficult for the recipient to believe in supernatural events.

  20. Those who believe that they are emancipated by embracing atheism are as gullible a lot as those who fashion their lives on a dogma blindly. So, what we need is a clinical appraisal of the texts of the religions, not the lives of their followers, before rejecting them-religions have shaped civilizations for better or good and to have them in the bin of prejudice is a crime against human consciousne…ss. An atheist uses such energy of narrative in rejecting the Deity which could be employed in reverse order. Is there an atheist who looks for an alternative answer without rejecting (or bullshitting) the concept of Deity? Is God a barrier to their consciousness or being? If it is then they also worship or hate an invisible rival. Can an atheist shape the whole civilization with his instincts? Is it a fashion to be an atheist? Those who cannot go beyond their fears compensate by making God/ Supernatural/ or numinous their punching bags of confused egos. Good luck! But let me tell you if there is no peace in believing there is a greater edginess in non-believing.

  21. .i was just reading through athiesm just for the general ideas these people have…n i was shocked to see this group….its a fake group….just made to scandalize pakistan n muslims once again…i dont n i will never believe that any muslim can turn into an atheist ever…no matter what sorta relationship he/she has with God…or if he foolows islam or not at all…..it doesnt matter but nobody i repeat NOBODY can convert to athiesm if he has been a muslim once….even if just by name…..
    so yeah hell with you all!!!

  22. I find that purification is the only process from which we can know the clearer truth and achieve the better goodness. Purification here I mean that to first omit out the false so we can left with the clearer truth.
    I find every religion of supernatural or unexplainable miraculous mysteries unbelievable but find some of their material sensible but quite simple and outdated interpretation of reality.
    I find logic as my key aspect to know everything.
    God? is not a valid question.
    I am extremely curious and skeptical about everything I don’t believe that I should stay on same old thoughts and ideas I am not saying that they are all wrong, as before, I believe that refining our ideas will help us to become closer from the truth, and as we human beings are changing with time our intelligence is also increasing exponentially so I don’t see it right to stay on age old ideas, we should innovate our ideas, strive for the greater good, and strive for knowledge which is unlimited.
    I am btw agnostic I do not know that there is a god and i do not know that there isnt a god either.
    we can not ever reach to the highest or to the ultimate reality but that doesnt mean we shouldnt climb a mountain which has no peak.

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