Danish Cartoons Saga continues


James P. Pinkerton writes in a recent editorial for Newsday.com:

“It’s time for all of us to recognize that different cultures have different values. For the West, broadly speaking, the highest value is freedom, including freedom of religious expression. But for the Muslim world, the highest value seems to be Islamic piety.”

In Muslim countries – the highest value is obedience to Allah and his Prophet. Why is this so difficult for the West to understand today? After all – it was only four centuries ago that the Bruno’s of this world were destined to meet a dismal fate for defying the then highest value of the European culture: Obedience to the Christian God. Muslim countries today are quite simply akin to Europe in the dark ages; only worse because the Muslim doctrine itself encourages violence whereas the Christian doctrine did not.


Women in Islam – a Practical Example


Muslims like to claim that Islam advocates equality of rights for women in an Islamic society. While I’ve always known for this claim to be utterly and unashamedly false – every now and then a Muslim group or organization in Pakistan or elsewhere in the Muslim world does something that just plain gives their game away.

Case in point – the ‘Equality of Opportunities for Women Employment Bill 2005’ – that was recently presented in the Pakistani National Assembly. Since Islam is all for equality of civil rights for women – and since Pakistan is a Muslim nation – one would think that such a bill would be passionately supported by the conservative Muslim political parties, right? Wrong!

The bill was presented by PPP – a progressive and somewhat secular faction in the National Assembly and while the bill eventually passed – it is telling that MMA voted against the bill.

MMA is the united alliance of pro-Islam political parties in Pakistan. Enough said.