Why am I an Atheist?

Every child is born a non-believer. It is only when the child is growing up that the surrounding cultural ethos influence (and I would say corrupt) the free mind into observance of religious edicts. I believe a lot of it depends on parents. That is – if one is, say, being reared by Christian parents – one is many times more likely to grow up to be a Christian; and similarly for other religions. It is only the exceptional intellect who manages to break free from the fetters of religious indoctrination; the charm is too great; the promised rewards (life after death) – just too seductive.

I was born in a more-religious-than-average Muslim family. Both my parents were committed Muslims who never doubted the veracity of their beliefs: Allah as the all-powerful creator and sustainer of the universe and Mohammad – the last and final Prophet of Allah.

Until the age of sixteen, I confirmed to the Muslim doctrines I had internalized thanks to the spoon feeding from parents, teachers and society at large. However – even as a child – I always possessed a fiercely inquisitive mind and so when I first came across an introductory book on Philosophy which addressed the questions of knowledge and belief in a very detached and astute manner without a hint of bias – I was intrigued. Philosophy was just the tool I needed to apply my intellect in order to understand the world – and I had discovered that tool.

I continued to study Philosophy and slowly began to develop that independent habit of thought – that tendency to mull over questions of cosmic importance objectively and unemotionally – which is the hallmark of all rationalists. I should note here that I had never really ‘felt’ the presence of God – in prayer – or otherwise. I was born spiritually blind and my belief in God had little emotional weight behind it. I think this might have helped me in objectively analyzing the claims of religion once I started taking religious belief apart.

I did not lose faith in God overnight. It happened subtly and gradually during my teen and post teen years. Reading philosophers like Antony Flew and Bertrand Russell helped only to further hasten the process. I have no dramatic conversion stories to report – the leap of reason is simply a coming to terms with the universe; an acceptance of what is self-evident to an impartial observer of the world and the universe; that there is no God and no afterlife and to paraphrase Schopenhauer, when we die we become what we were before we were born.

However – when I first abandoned my belief in the Muslim God – I became an agnostic – not an atheist. My conversion from agnosticism to atheism was decidedly more dramatic. It happened at a time in my life when I was suffering from some serious existential depression and tried desperately to abandon my agnosticism and seek refuge in faith. Obviously, it didn’t work and instead of managing to hold on to religious faith – I left it all for good – gladly trading my agnosticism for a positive belief in the non-existence of God – God defined in a certain way, that is. (The omni-competent God)

The transition from believer to non-believer was thus complete.


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  1. Hi

    Somehow the course of your belief to atheism reflects mine. I am an Indian born in a religious Hindu family and was spoon fed with GOD and his miracles.
    But the more reasoning i did the less i tend to believe in GOD. Became an agnostic and finally a theist.

    My family doesnt know about my transition and still expects me to follow the rituals and visit temples, which i strongly resent.
    I think you must be facing the same in Pakistan.

    Anyways, it was nice read

    Abhilash Pillai

    • i’m in ur exact shoes, brother. do not resent ur parents. jsut abide by whatever they ask u to do, but u dont have to pray. Just make them happy as they do not have much time on Earth. The best u can do not is suppress ur feelings and spread ur word of truth out to the world. Cheers!

  2. You are not the first buddy out of a muslim dominated area to study philosophy. Muslims in the past have very well studied and parsed out the good out of philosophy and left which is against the eternal faith. It would be nice to hear your questions that led you to disbelief. Perhaps, you are more confused now than you ever were.

    Bring it on.

  3. Dear Atheist,

    I havent gone through this website or post totally but the thoughts / words you have posted have attracted me towards writing a comment about this website. I too am going through the same phase since last year, i.e. between agnostic and atheist and finally after observing and realizing everything that i am to think and know, i have decided that our religion (islam) is nothing but something made up as an amuglumation of ancient greek and other civilization stories + some fantasies + some hidden and nefarious designs of the maker himself, who, for his own sinister purposes used the stories of previous religions, mis-guided the ignorant arabs and after amending everything like the way he wanted, became the last prphoet. I have more precisely studied, science i.e. astronomy, evolutionary biology, anthropology, cosmology and that all come across to one point that islam with other religion is just a man made refuge to avoid the scary throught that we are alone in this universe and that we dont know why we are here. If you have not gone through http://www.faithfreedom.org by Dr. Ali Sina, i would recommend you that because it has helped me a lot to become an atheist from an ignorant muslim, but i would certainly mention other meaningful and supportive websites about evolution, astronomy, anthropology and other mediums that helped a lot. I too am from a muslim family living in Pakistan, age 24 and find it had to express the truth that i have found to anyone around me. Anyways, it would be good to hear from you. Well, when i am ready to submit this comment, i see the list of all websites that you read which also includes faithfreedom and almost all those sites that i visit, so you already know the importance of these websites in finding the truth.

    Take care & stay happy..

  4. Moving and inspiring. It’s amazing how similar our philosophical paths are, as are the outcomes of them.

  5. I am a Pakistani woman residing in the US since the last ten years. I came accross your website while browsing. While there are many atheists around the world, it is rare to find a Pakistani-atheist that too living in Pakistan. You can imagine my delight when I found that some one like you exists. My background is similar to yours, I come from a devout muslim family. My trasformation into an atheist did not happen overnight either. I have read and continue to read ….sociology, comparitive religon and philosophy…. the thirst for knowledge is never-ending.

    • I am an student living in Karachi, I have been recently frustrated of religion thing, I am not influenced by any single person, the truth is I have never met an Atheist ever in my life. But by my scepticism, now I am an Agnostic Atheist. I am 21.

      • I am Sarosh,an atheist. Ihave some atheist friend,one of them is Aisha! We are in Karachi. You can join our friendship,if not, atleast you’ll meet some atheists. I am saying this so that you can share your atheistic feelings…!

        Sarosh Ali

  6. I went through pretty much the same ordeal, nice to find someone with similar experiences from similar backgrounds!

  7. We seek refuge with Allaah from the evil of our own souls and from our bad deeds.

    “Whomsoever Allaah guides will never be led astray, and whomsoever Allaah leaves astray, no one can guide. I bear witness that there is no god but Allaah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.”

    May Allah Help you !

    • Who is Allah? Why change the name from Huda to Allah? In one country people, esp some Muslims, are at the throats of non-Muslims for using the word Allah. Churches and temples had been torched by Muslims because of the word Allah. So, is Allah the monopoly of the Muslims? The word Allah was used by Pagans long before Hinduism (the oldest religion), Judaism, Christianity and of course, Islam. It is an Arabic word; then speak many languages but use Allah instead of the mother tongue? From this I would conclude Allah is the name of Muslim God. I do not wish to offend anyone and if I did, I am sorry. If anyone is unable to accept criticism, then he belongs to a boxed in religion and is shackled by that belief.

  8. Well, my story is not that different from you. I am reading philosophy now a days. Many of the things you have mentioned are absolutely true, i think. In a Pakistani society a free thinker will always face such issues.

  9. Assalamualikum to you, a “fairly lost” brother :D,

    my name is Ahmed Irfan and I am a proud Muslim (Alhumdulillah), I just want to give you a word of advice – if I ask you to do me a favour, would you?, if “yes” then here’s what I want you to do (I doubt you’d do so but I am only here to help), ever heard of the I.R.F (Islamic Research Foundation), well its an organisation which performs studies on comparitive religion, most if its members are very highly educated and PHd holding scholars led by Dr. Zakir Naik, I am asking you to get in contact with them (I.R.F) or him (Dr. zakir Naik) and have a good ol’ discussion with them/him about what is you belief, your reason for totally abandoning Islalm and with in a very short period of time you’ll come to know the truth about what our religion is and were we created or is it a nature’s Curse/Miricle as thought to us by science, I hope you do try to look forward to what I just said back there, lol I am so positive about it that I can claim you a money back gurantee and all you have to do is to have a clear aproach toward what is actual and what is factual.

    my regards.
    Ahmed Irfan (a proud muslim).

    • Well I am giving u a advice that Mr. Zakir Naik always giving
      Wrong Figure and Facts and logic also.

      eg.1. He said as a ans to Poligomy He Said that World has More Women than Men Yor check this fact that on many website of world afair and knowlegd like cia world fact book


      total population: 1.01 male(s)/female (2011 est.)

      so world has more men then women so why this polygomy system yoy ask them.

      eg.2 He said nation is made by God .Nation is Made by human being only and there was no perticular nation before 1947
      like india and pakistan .

    • I have been listening and reading IRF stuff from past many years. I was always fan of Dr. Zakir Naik. but now when I am gradually turning towards Atheism, all his ideas and speeches sound like ‘cover ups’ not reasoning.

      e.g. How can universe be created in 6 or 7 days like Quraan and Bible claim? when there was not earth and sun at that time. and we all know a day is the period in which earth revolves around its axis.

    • May be you don’t know what it feels like being free and being a free thinker. it is like waking up from a horrible dream and see the nature as it is without adding any delusions But it is not easy to make the faith in god go away as long as one stays in fear. if One can win Fear, can come out of the delusion of God. By the way the scholar you mentioned is well known for his messages not consistent with Reality and truth.

  10. Hi,

    Well I am an atheist too, and the same story applies to me too, except that I was born into a Hindu family, in India. I take pride that our first Prime Minister was an atheist (I know the popular dislike of him otherwise in Pakistan and India, albiet for different reasons).

    There’s a subtle difference though. I turned atheist first and then agnostic, and then atheist again, as my knowledge on the subject gained.


  11. To Ahmed Irfan( A proud Muslim)

    With all due respect brother, if you were born in a Hindu family you would have been a proud Hindu.

    Please stop listening to people like Zakir Naik, its an insult to your intelligence.

    I too was a proud Muslim until I read the Quran.

    Read books by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, visit http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/ while reading please “have a clear approach towards whats actual and factual”.

    Peace be with you.

  12. I am an atheist. I grew up in a strict Islamic family. We are from Northern Pakistan and most of my family still lives there. I left Pakistan when I was young. I have spent a few years in the Middle East and now I live in the USA. During my five years in the Middle East I’ve had the opportunity to observe the Arab culture very closely. In all honesty, I wasn’t very impressed with Arabs. I don’t have anything ageist them but they don’t impress me at all. Islam was introduced and accepted by uneducated Arabs years ago. Some thing to think about!

    I consider myself fortunate that I was able travel around the word and was able to study different cultures and religions. I love my family and friends and I respect their faith and belief in their imaginary God but I know they are wrong. They believe in God because they were raised that way right from the childhood

  13. I’m also an atheist for about 14 years now !
    I was in my early twenties and was studying in university when I become suspecious about god’s existence and my further study led me towards atheism and I’m an atheist since then !

    • Some scientists get funding from a group called the Templeton Foundation who have MASSIVE funding for scientists that will say something nice about religion. Barrett is one of these. Consequently anything he claims needs a big pinch of salt if not a bucket full.
      Try this and particularly read the comments after the article.

      From an evolutionary perspective children of an early age are pre-programmed to accept information that they are told by adults as true. It speeds the process of knowledge acquisition. Very important for survival purposes so that you don’t get eaten or poisoned before you have had a chance to reproduce. Unfortunately this very same biological imperative makes young humans accept any old bollocks as true and this especially includes religion. Once programmed in it is hard to unprogram. Hence the Catholic Jesuits pronouncement “Give us the child till 7 and I will give you the man”. In the case of Catholic priests I am not sure if buggery is a necessary part of the process but some of the priests seem to enjoy it as no doubt do some imams. Any quick search on the web will find articles on this from such respected organisations as the BBC and UK courts.

  14. Hi Friends 🙂
    Good to see this website. I am from Lahore. I read the stories and found that all of them describe my story a little bit but I have more to say. Actually I was strictly practicing muslim in my teens. Five times prayer and regular recitation of Quran. Then I met some friends and started study circle. This study circle caused me to read many books which ultimately broaden my view point about understanding the world around me.
    I was asking many scholars of Islam, I found around my world, that many muslims beliefs are very different from each other all claim to be true which is really true to be followed? Everybody claimed to be true in response to my question but without any logical explanation. Fist I became agnostic and then My travel to find out truth continued till i became atheist 🙂 Now I am still in learning process to find out more about life and universe. I invite you to join in my voyage of discovery

  15. If you are an atheist and living in a muslim country don’t reveal your religious beliefs. You will only get yourself killed.

    By the way, this is a nice blog you should continue writing.

  16. hi…friend I am an Indian Muslim, a physics Ph.D student .I am facing a great problem to deal with religious people in my local area. Though my parent never said me to follow something about ISLAM. But whenever i go to home my local friends and others want to know whether i do NAMAZ or ROJA etc. As a physicists i can not accept the concept of universe and life from religious point of view. I strongly belief in Darwin’s Theory of evolution and wish to see all human beings in same level. I have read the article ”Relegion and Science” by Albert Einstein published in NATURE,1940 and some other article by Feynman [Physicist],PARVEZ HOODBHOY…and i am impressed by them not by any mullah and ullema…so can anybody tell me how to tackle those local people??

  17. It’s nice you researched into something more. Why don’t you try God. Not Muslim but Christianity. That is the key to your answer. You have been seeking and God is waiting with Love,Peace, and Freedom. We don’t seek to kill others but Love. It’s never too late to turn to God. Many people claim we are all alone in this planet. Let me tell you God really does exist. It may seem crazy may seem impossible may even seem stupid to you but he’s real.When we die we will all find out the truth. My only prayer is that before your last breath you will turn to God. I love you all and I pray you will try God.

  18. I turned athiest about a year ago but I was agnostic for most of my life. I have so many reasons for being an atheist; I don’t even know where to begin. First, Indoctrination is mental abuse and as you all know it starts pretty early in Pakistan. It leaves no room for questioning and reasoning. Anyway, what turned me against religion is just reading the Quran itself! Of course, I gave it many many tried to see it from a more open minded perspective. I followed up my studies of the Quran with Sahih Bukhari, Historical works of Ibn Ishaq and Al-Tabari. You would think, I would have become a devout muslim, right? WRONG! I guess you’d have to give it a read to know why! It’s very obvious, Muhammad’s character, stolen writings from the preceding religions. Islam had nothing new. In terms of morality, Muhammad pretty much undid Jesus’ years long peaceful teachings. But of course, you will apologetic muslims refuting every claim even when it’s right in front of them. What they don’t like to hear is factual and what they’d like to hear is actual. There’s absolutely no point asking any scholar because it will only make you grow anxious and even angry. So if you are in a phase where you just want the truth about Islam or any religion, read the scriptures! Do not ask questions to anybody. Just read it yourself and decide if it makes any logical sense!

  19. I’ve been atheist my whole life and my parents are church going Christians. In my childhood, I went to Church with tem, but I never believed the stories were true. It just didn’t make sens that the stuff would happen I tought of ita ll as tall tales. Until the age of 10, I figured out that people actually believed in religion. It kind of left me feeling empty for a while because they had comfort in their belief which I never had.

  20. I went through the same atheist-agnostic phase…but reading philosophy made my belief more and more firm in God, or even better, Allah…during my time I realized that philosophy and metaphysics/trans metaphysics etc is nothing but just merely an attempt to explain the unseen…a bunch of opinions which have not a single scientific evidence to support their claims, just questions and stupid questions..why is this like that, why is this not like that..etc etc!. well, lol if you’ve ever heard about something called “science” brothers I would suggest you to read “the grand design”…lol don’t get me wrong, besides its title explaining this universe to be a “grand design” as you see, it’s written by Stephen Hawking(heard this name before philosophers?lol)…and more interestingly, he’s an Atheist just like you…lol the most funny part yet is that in his book, after admitting how elegant our universe is and how it somehow knew that we were going to evolve, perfect constants to support carbon-based life etc etc, he doesn’t agree that God has made it, he hypothesizes that once again it’s just purely a “chance and co-incidence” and we’re one lucky shot in 1*10 raised to the power 500 “parallel universes” to rescue his atheism…lol, when A God hypothesis would have done just fine…I really want you guys to take some pains and study quantum mechanics…MWI(or many world interpretation) or the copenhagen interpretation as the name implies are just merely “interpretations” and NOT scientific facts…have they seen these universes?or got even an iota of evidence for them?, lol all of the physicists agree that we can’t!…because the 5 senses given to us by nature(I’ll prefer Allah) can NEVER detect them, we can only slightly study them, if they exist, by the effect of gravitons maybe and still its a very very small possibility. if you’ve ever took pains to study actual science, It must have been dawned on to you that atleast if science can not empirically “prove” God(Quran says there’s none like unto him) because humans can’t detect him by the 5 senses either, They also have NO empirical proof that God “doesn’t” exist(oh I’m sorry maybe some stupid philosophical theory could have one)…we can only study him by the signs(some mentioned by Stephen hawking to be as a lucky shot) and his revelations…and oh, btw for your very information, quantum mechanics DOES indeed say that there is a “non-local” consciousness above the local consciousnesses…the point where spirituality meets science(the only problem is that they’ve started calling IT God, science is a tricky business)…don’t forget to watch the movie “what the bleep do we know”….It’s really very amusing to see people like you who, after reading some feminism, markcism, commmunisim, or just -ism in general literature on the internet finally reach upto the point that there is nothing like God…the mention of just the bigbang and the inflation theory in the Quran is very sufficient for me to believe it really is from something supernatural…think it’s just a translation or play of words, read this:(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_interpretations_of_the_Big_Bang_theory)It’s wikipedia guys, not me!

    If I hadn’t read the Quran purely with the intentions to seek the real truth, and praying to Allah everytime that save me from going astray, I would’ve become atheist a very long time ago…He indeed saved me…I know you guys must have been laughing like crazy on this all(I know because I used to do the same when I was a non-practicing muslim) and I don’t really expect a positive answer back, but lol, stop judging islam on what muslims like you do before they turn into atheists, stop being racists with your own race, culture and religion, stop blaming islam for everything when you really have a very little knowledge, stop being wanna-be westerns(ever read some eastern philosophy btw?allamah Iqbal maybe…i doubt so…you guys can only read what west has to say against the religion dominant there, Christianity, and start comparing it with Islam))…and yes if you have brains enough to understand complex science and mathematics, please study, if you will, quantum mechanics, General relitivity, the string theory and the new revolution in physics, the grand design, general scince in depth(not just on the surface to deny the existence of God), ofcourse The glorious Quran and start using whatever is in there in your head!…lol may you guys find the truth too!…and if you don’t want to admit, wait and I’ll wait with you, death is the only curtain hanging between the mere chattels of this material world and the ultimate truth, and you’ll know very soon inshAllah, today all of you laugh on us(and I don’t mind), but then it will be us laughing on all of you!


  21. Really ? This just made me pity you like honestly seriously and extremely.
    Fact 1. I see someone mentioned it earlier that children are born believers in this One and only God. They believe in pretty much the same God that everything is from Him and He is the One and Only.
    Also another thing you people think you “educated” yourselves by reading “science”. Yet you blinded yourselves by making yourselves believe in this. You are nothing scared actually. I could give you a hundred reasons why Islam is the truth and God exists. The universe was created by the big bang what was before the big bang and what was before that ? And you will say well who created God ? That itself is contradictory since if someone created God then his creator must have been created too eventually leading to the ONE and ONLY CREATOR who is Allah. I dont follow my religion blindly whatever you may think. Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world much faster than Atheism. 4 times as many women accept Islam than men in America (CNN search youtube). All I have to say to you that your ignorant May Allah guide you and you need to wake up before your in the grave. Ive seen Atheists who converted to Islam when its vice versa I just pity you. Asalamolaikum

  22. I was totally blown away by your blog. Could not believe that a Pakistani will actually ‘come out’, so to speak, and will actually start a blog, hoping others might feel the same way.

    Indeed, I am proud to be one that can say that for me, reason trumps everything. Like many other people who have posted in this blog, I, too was raised to believe in god and miracles etc. As a child and even as an adult, I never questioned the existence of god but was very curious about the nature of god. That is, how does he work? Why innocent people suffer? Why there is so much injustice, disease etc? Gradually, I was unable to quieten my inner voice with same, out dated answer that ‘god knows what we don’t know.’

    Thus, I reached a point when I was ambivalent towards religion, not knowing what answers I am seeking. One day, just by coinidence, I saw a book in library by George H. Smith. A few pages were enough to answer my most basic questions. Since that time, I have lived a life free from all non-sensical beliefs like god, ghosts, angels etc.

    Like many other parents, I do now wish my kids to believe what I believe (or don’t believe) but I teach them how to think critically and how to ask right questions. If they choose to pursue a particular religion, it will be up to them.

    Wish all my fellow Pakistani atheists all the best.

  23. Hi

    Nice to see this blog, although I haven’t seen questions from you on how and why on religion but you are first pakistani atheist I have seen, I always used to wonder whether there are any pakistanis who can think outside the box. I am an Atheist too and created a following blog:

    Hail free thinking and hope to find Theory of Everything in near future.

    Indian Atheist

  24. What is an atheist, in my point of view.

    1-emotional(makes claims such as war, crime, apparent injustices, therefore no God)

    2-not rational(believes in the almost 0 probability that universe can somehow arrange itself in so precise manner that everything just fits in, you guys know math right?)

    3-angry(after being himself emotional and not rational, he claims the one who believes in God after studying science and philosophy in depth and not just watching PBS documentaries, is irrational, and religion is a “cult” somehow, without even thinking twice of the grave consequences of the non-existence of religion on this planet, after all, you’re alive kid because people feared God before killing you)

    4-obeys almost every physical law made by God,(you can’t invent your own physics can you?) yet has the delusion that he doesn’t obey

    5-lives in a delusion that if God is there, he won’t make me burn for eternity for just not believing in him and being skeptic( being skeptic is very Good, infact the Quran wants you be to skeptic of everything, to use your intellect and make your decisions upon knowledge and not just mere thoughts or emotions and prejudices, he somehow chooses to not believe in God and live a life based on rejection of faith on purely emotional and week reasons, while the evidence is right on his face, he lives a life of unthankfulnes to every single thing that he’s been given with for free, he tries to make people turn towards his path of being unthankful, he doesn’t acknowledge anything from God, he abuses God in front of people, still he somehow wants God to forgive him for his irrational disbelief, which is a misuse of intellect btw)

    please let other people read the message who come here and fall for thinking that atheists are rational.

    may God forgive you after whatever you do.LOL

  25. My story is not different than yours, however, my mother was more religious than my father and she was a great influence in my early years. When I was 18 years old, I started to see a lot of gaps in Islam. I saw the history of Islam and saw wars, acquisitions, blood and mayhem even before the Omayyad Empire, even Umar and Uthman were killed, Ali fought with Aisha and Hasan was killed by a Caliphate that ruled for 100 years. Wars continue even to this day and Muslims have killed more Muslims to this day.

    Further, I see endless propaganda by the likes of “Muslim Intellectuals” like Zakir Naik who talks about Science in Islam. I think that is all BS, as he says, Quran mentions Earth is Round, Universe was created with Big Bang, We are made of water and stuff like that. He twists verses as he pleases to make them sugary and scientific, any lunatic can do that. Quran works by putting as many fingers as possible in a subject, like in Quran there is also reverse big bang, earth is wide expanse (not round), we are not created from water alone but other things. Even if there were Science in Quran, it doesn’t make it the word of God. Were the people before Quran stupid, did they not have science back then? If I write a religious book today, won’t I mention that there are 11 dimensions in the universe, it takes 8 minutes for Sun rays to reach us, and we were created by evolution? Will I qualify as a prophet by writing what’s known in the day and age of my time.

    Apart from all the BS, living in a country like Pakistan, I have a spouse who’s a devout Muslim and has made me clear today that if you continue with non-religion then I don’t think we can stay. She’s overly worried about the kids and their faith. She doesn’t even notice that I have different beliefs i.e. no beliefs at all, why should she care about her beliefs more than mine? Why should I even listen to her if she doesn’t listen to me? I have tried, tried and failed. The conditioning in Islam is just so strong, these people are so numb, self-righteous, reactive and stupid, they won’t ever listen to rational argument.

    I think the world is just not ready yet to become rational and is continuing to be full of stupid people and that’s where people like us feel alone, rejected and marginalized. We are paying for what we know. We’ve eaten the fruit of knowledge and we are out of the paradise of ignorance.

  26. brother like Ahmed Irfan , can only say proud muslims but they don’t know what is written in quran and hadiths…… more than 90% muslims of pakistan and other countries are very clever to leave what they think is bad in islam and only talk about good things like heaven etc….they dont talk about non muslims burning in hell fire forever…….they say “Allah to rahmaan o raheem hai” ..but they fail to realize that for non muslims allah is a monster who will burn them for only reason of not believing in him without evidence

  27. You want to know why only IRF or Zakir Naik can impress non muslims ?? because they use the translation of Yousuf Ali and that translation is written from weterner perspective and they change the translation to fit with modern science…… all the translations you get from the world reknonwn scholars will say a different thing and yousuf ali will say a different thing about the same verse

  28. many muslims only travel from their country to saudi arabia for hajj umrah etc….and they keep distance from non muslims , thats why they keep thinking of them as cool and correct……….

  29. so you are an atheist because you studied philosophy? 😀
    study science!
    study creation!
    see the loopholes in evolution!
    and you are an atheist because God did not come to help in one, last chance that you gave Him to help you? why do people expect so much from their God when they are practically giving nothing in return? why blame God?
    well, you yourself say you never felt the prescence… believe me, you weren’t worth it! How much purity did you show him?

    one thing i sure understand is… that it’s mostly the conservative families that turn youngsters rebellious and turn them away… the trure spirit of Islam is not so… The parents become more “traditional” than “religious” at times… but surely know – a lot of people here do NOT follow Islam in it’s true spirit….

    See The Prophet’s (S.A.W.) forgiveness power! what sort of a person does that? Hazrat Umer’s (R.A.) reign!

    Religions would be so much more easier without the followers :p Don’t judge a religion by its practitioners 🙂

  30. LOL, I guess Darwin was right after all Organisms do evolve. From being a troop of Monkeys to being a ignorant & delusional pace of Arses. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Ermm! People around us are just mere mind fabricated illusions? 😉
    Ahhh! From all the things you people have lost family, friends, beliefs, values, morals I bet you guys miss your mind the most.
    Tweaking beliefs and Denying God isn’t going to save you from His not so very alluring Wrath anyways.
    Peace Out, Mis-Guided Ones.

  31. Thanks for the note. Good to know that you attract some Zakir Naik fans too! Anyway, we should have some kind of a more organized thing going except for that we will have to come up with a pseudonym for everyone who lives in Pakistan or still travels there to visit friends and family.

    Anyway, I think you are doing a huge service by making people realize that they are not isolated and that there are lots and lots of other people who are willing to think for themselves and question superstitious nonsense.

  32. Do you read urdu? I wanna send you something, may you be saved from he’ll fire, trust me it will burn your flesh terribly.

  33. If there was no god then who created the universe? it was made itself? if it was made itself then why another planet forms? why there are no more planets why there is no oxygen at other planet why at this one

    • @Insane-Kid
      “If there was no god then who created the universe? it was made itself? if it was made itself then why another planet forms? why there are no more planets why there is no oxygen at other planet why at this one”
      Let’s accept you thought but one time Allah Said in Quran that he created this universe in 6 days but in another Sura his calculation make mistake. I’m giving you the Sura both.
      7:54 Inna rabbakumu Allahu allathee khalaqa alssamawati waal-arda fee sittati ayyamin thumma istawa AAala alAAarshi yughshee allayla alnnahara yatlubuhu hatheethan waalshshamsa waalqamara waalnnujooma musakhkharatin bi-amrihi ala lahu alkhalqu waal-amru tabaraka Allahu rabbu alAAalameena. T
      Your Guardian-Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority): He draweth the night as a veil over the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: He created the sun, the moon, and the stars, (all) governed by laws under His command. Is it not His to create and to govern? Blessed be Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds! his sura proved that this universe completed in six days. Lets us read sura 41:9 Qul a-innakum latakfuroona biallathee khalaqa al-arda fee yawmayni watajAAaloona lahu andadan thalika rabbu alAAalameena

      Say: Is it that ye deny Him Who created the earth in two Days? And do ye join equals with Him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds.
      41:10 WajaAAala feeha rawasiya min fawqiha wabaraka feeha waqaddara feeha aqwataha fee arbaAAati ayyamin sawaan lilssa-ileena

      He set on the (earth), mountains standing firm, high above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measure therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in four Days, in accordance with (the needs of) those who seek (Sustenance).
      41:12 Faqadahunna sabAAa samawatin fee yawmayni waawha fee kulli sama-in amraha wazayyanna alssamaa alddunya bimasabeeha wahifthan thalika taqdeeru alAAazeezi alAAaleemi

      So He completed them as seven firmaments in two Days, and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command. And We adorned the lower heaven with lights, and (provided it) with guard. Such is the Decree of (Him) the Exalted in Might, Full of Knowledge.
      Now you count the days of Sura 41:9, 41:10 & 41:12 how many days comes 2+4+2=8 days
      Read sura 51:49 Wamin kulli shay-in khalaqna zawjayni laAAallakum tathakkaroona

      And of every thing We have created pairs: That ye may receive instruction. is this true if no so many animal are not in pair they are not in pair.

    • well these questions have been answered many times. Please read Stephen Hawkings’ and other books on Evolution of earth and other planets and there are 400 Bil-ion Planets in our milky way galaxy alone which caters life as those are all in habitable zone. Unless you increase the horizon of your reading you will be asking these old meaningless questions which have been already answered. there about more than 50 scientists from different countries at different times lines have experimented and found evolution being true.

  34. Now there is bunch of ignorant **** who they converts Extremest Muslim into Extremest Atheist and they are came from another country to spread atheistism into Pakistan to end-up Muslim Eman have you ever learned Quran. Only those people will converted those Eman are not much strong to hold your argue

  35. Hats off to u sir,being an atheist from a country where human beings are slaughtered in the name of religion. By the way I m atheist from Goa India . (ex Hindu ).

  36. Wonderful to see rationalism springing into life in Pakistan. The candle burns the brightest before dying off, that is the reason why more and more religious extremists and orthodox believers are clashing with each other all over the world. Science is our future !!!

  37. It should not be much difficult to know the reality of the universe, the reality of the world and the reality our own selves. To reach to reality, anyone needs two elements: the quest to know the reality and a mind free from prejudices. Of the two, the second is more important because if you are prejudiced against a certain idea, you won’t accept it even if something logical supporting it comes before you. You will pay no attention to it, or try to counter it quickly with already set beliefs so that you won’t have to change your set beliefs, whatever they are.

    A vast majority of people living on this earth lives this way: not challenging their set beliefs about religion. And let me tell you that atheism is also a religion because it dictates you a theory about God. And like every religious people on this earth, atheists also do the same thing, trying to vehemently support their ideas or their version about religion. So practically there is no difference between atheism and other religious people in how they behave to support their ideas. Both behave in a worldly manner, rather than in a universal manner. There is difference between the two realities.

    I pronounce again that there is difference between the worldly reality and universal reality. Our worldly reality is play of our own mind. To whatever way or direction we put our mind to, it starts to form our reality in that way. But that reality may or may not match with the universal reality. Consider, for example, a religious cult in America a few decade ago believed that if they committed suicide at the time of appearance of the comet Hale Bopp, they will go to heaven. The cult actually did that. The rest of the world observed and lamented over their deaths and groundless religious idea. So obviously, their thoughts and beliefs led them to suicide. So this is how our mind works.

    The interesting thing to observe in this world that there are countless religions here, including atheism and everyone says with stubborn conviction that he or she is right and everyone else is wrong. Why is it so? Again the play of minds that make us think and believe so. So it is important to understand that our mind keeps playing tricks with us and we consider it true. Those who have spent over three decades in this world would appreciate the point that our perceptions change our time. You can sit alone and think just how many times you were deceived by wrong perception. You perceived a thing in one way but later on it proved to be the other way. This is because you were tricked by your mind; you could not see reality because your mind was working with some wrong notions and ideas and it acted that way.

    So my point is that we cannot see reality clearly at the level of mind. We will have to know reality at another dimension and that dimension is the dimension of spirit (or soul) available to us.

    Some people may say that we do not believe in spirit because science cannot prove it. But there are so many things science cannot prove. Can science measure the difference in the levels of pain of two persons? Can science tell us what is inside or beyond a dark whole? Can science tell us what is dark energy? Scientists tell us that there is no chance to know the mystery of dark holes and dark energy. Scientists previously believed that the speed of light is the greatest in the universe but even that is being proven wrong. The mystery of consciousness of man is still unknown.

    Take the example of dark energy or dark particles. Scientists have assumed its existence but cannot prove it because it is not observable. Despite that, scientists have assumed its existence because if they don’t assume its existence, then the whole knowledge of physics (law of gravity) collapses down. If someone is truly an atheist, then he or she should not believe in science any longer because scientists are making an assumption which they cannot prove and they admit it.

    So when it comes to science, scientists don’t hesitate to make assumptions to reach to a conclusion and coin numerous theories. But when it comes to existence of God, a stubborn attitude is shown that since we cannot see God, therefore we don’t believe in His existence even if we have indications that the universe exists by design and seem to have no other answer to what we observe through science.

    Science can only tell us what it can observe and measure. Moreover, it can never tell us why something exists or where it has come from (for instance, different chemicals, energies of gravity, sound, light, etc).But We have human intellect that can understand or comprehend the existence of things, processes beyond what an eye can see.

    For instance, look at the bizarre nature of this world and humans, which also contradicts theory of evolution. The theory of evolution says that we were biologically developed from fish and apes. So there exists a chain and genetic continuity. But see the difference between human beings and the rest of species. Every species follows a biological life pattern which they have to follow: they have no choice. All other species show patterns except humans which have the will to form their own life patterns. Why is so? If we would have evolved from patterned specie, then we should also have some life patterns which we would have been forced to follow by the mother nature so that we cannot destroy our own creator: mother nature. But it is not the case. We can make choices, even those that can destroy our entire race and even the earth. Other species do not have such choices. So it seems that we human are odd man out. So this clearly shows that we are different from the mother nature: the universe. We are not the product of this universe. Rather, we seem to have been implanted in this universe from somewhere else. We have popped in this earth out of nowhere because if we had been the product of this universe, we would have been a perfect match with it but we are not, in the sense that we are operating very differently from the rest of the universe. Has anyone pondered over it and wondered why it is so? Is someone going to solve this riddle scientifically that who we are and where we have come from?

    Moreover, can science explain that why do human beings have desires? The rest of the universe does not work on desires; rather, it shows a pattern to which it seems to have been bounded. It seems to have no other option. We, the humans, are the unique in the whole universe. We have desires, greed, ego and the ability to know right and wrong, and on top of that, we have the ability to make decisions to choose our path.

    Moreover, why we know that justice to the brutalities of many people cannot be made in this world. For instance, the justice to a person murdering one hundred people cannot be made in this world because he can only be hanged once and not hundred times. Why it is clear to us that people not feeling answerable to a Higher Being would be in a hurry to plunder and commit crimes and sin of the nature to which they are tempted because of their belief that they have to live only once and that is all.

    These oddities are enough to make us understand the realities and answer the questions people keep asking about our life purpose and the existence of God provided that we are not prejudiced, stubborn-minded and egoist.

  38. a question for all you ex-muslims out there… you believe in not believing in anything? yet you still believe in something??? how weird is that

  39. id like to ask u one more thing you mentioned your transition from a believer to a non believer right? how do you call yourself a non believer when you have certain principles of philosophy that made you believe that there was no God above us so you technically believed in not believing in anything? this way if you think you’re transition to a non believer was complete you shouldn’t have even opened up your mind to believing philosophy or anything..because you call yourself a non believer isn’t it???

  40. i just pity the atheists ,who think they can understand everything . let me tell u the human brain is not so big as to perceive all the mysteries of the universe, only ALLAH nows them, plus all of your atheist scientists work their pants of only to prove what the quran has mentioned 1400 years ago,i sincerrely pity the atheists

  41. @Nizamuddin Sheikh,
    you have well compared it but there is always an explanation.It really becomes 8 days when you count the days as mentioned in the 3 verses. But brother look through 9th and the 10th verse are the first series (it is the making of the universe) {2+4=6}. The 12th verse says about the heavens (In Islam there is 7 heavens mentioned) and they are not in the universe.{So there is no 2 days extra for making of the universe}.
    And the last 51:49 ومن كل شيإن خلقنا زوجين لعلكم تذكرون

    And of every thing We have created pairs.—>”For everything” means every species there is a pair.

    Think logically refer all around and seek the truth, if you just saw some thing written against your religion refer in your guides search search until you find your answers if you find nothing then change or do something(BUT REMEMBER SEARCH WITH A BELIEF)

  42. LOL….. ATHIEST??? What the fuck that means….?? believing in no God? You guys are sick and will face what u guys deserve, read the books which are older than fucking darwin and shits like that…. How did darwin came to know about the world? did he dig 2000 feet underground to find the truth or he had a bad dream ” OH>> How the world was created?”

    Excuse me!!!! think strong and be a Good believer to ALLAH….. Pakistani athiest?>? is that a joke?? for your own comfort u say u r an athiest…. thats all goes in ur mind. Seek Allah and he will help you with the solutions and path of life….TRY with open heart now by reading theories and word of mouth………….

    Oh just to inform u guys, I was an athiest but studied religions and choose the best Alhamdulillah ISLAM….!!


  43. I was looking up island controversial apostasy laws when I came across this blog and it gave me the chills. I’m a karachiite teenager born in a conservative Muslim family and since the age of 15 I had started questioning everything that had been indoctrinated in my mind since birth. I can compeltely relate to everything in this article. Being a relatively outspoken person I couldn’t find my internal conflict from my family and friends and they didn’t receive my opinions very well. I’m perpetually labelled as someone who’s “lost” and given regular lectures on how I should pray to god for reconnection. Frankly speaking the more they try to convince me the more evident it appears that religion is all about the blind leading the blind, there’s no rational thinking and it revolves around a self fulfilling prophecy of inevitably benifityibgg yourself emotionally or materialistically.
    Anyway id really appreciate it if I get a reply and I can share my experiences and problems. Also I like to refrain from using the “term” atheist because i guess I’m opposed to self-righteousness in any form. Nice to let my messy thoughts out. Cheers

  44. seek a middle path not an athiest and not a extreme religious muslim.Because both the path are the path of ignorant.

  45. @Nizamudin sheikh
    listen,earth is a part of the 7th and last heaven so,and if all the heavens(along with the 7th heaven) were complete in 2 days this means that the earth was also completed in those same 2 days,and providing everything to the earth took 4 days,so 2+4=6:),not everyone is going to fall for this.

  46. The Qu’ran is copied from earlier books including the writings of Galen of Pergamum who was a doctor who dissected human bodies. There is not even one sentence in the Qu’ran that indicates that anyone but a man wrote it, more likely a group of men with a small library of books at their disposal. If people want to live according to an old book that was copied from older books, then let the morons do that. One last thought: If the Universe cannot appear on its own than neither can a thinking creating being. It seems God doesn’t exist.

  47. It is indeed very nice to hear from a fellow Pakistani agnostic/atheist.The journey from a believer to a non-believer is always gradual, Because agnostics/atheists do not assume anything before asking a question. God is an ever-receding phenomenon, as knowledge and science keeps pushing the abrahamic or otherwise God(s) irrelevant.

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