Why this website?

This website is the result of decades of feeling like you’re under siege. I’m surrounded by Muslims; family, friends, acquaintances – there is simply no one in my surroundings who understands the metaphysical stance I hold let alone agree with the stance.

So this website is my way of catharsis; this is where I look at Pakistan and Pakistani culture from the eyes of an Atheist insider.


16 thoughts on “Why this website?

  1. Hi,
    Dear Pakistani Atheist,
    I have been looking out on the web for any Pakitani websites which are devoted to atheism and I found yours.
    Apparently you are kind of alone and do not have an organizational support.
    Do you know of any organization in Pakistan which is active as champions of atheism or rationalism?

  2. Under siege!! This might sound clichéd but I know exactly how that feels. I live in Karachi by the way.

    The God of Islam had always seemed a strange character but it was when I was around 17 years of age that I positively converted to atheism.

    Basically I got tired of the preaching. When my mother told me not to trim my nails at night (an old superstition), I promptly asked why and won the argument albeit grudgingly (on the part of my mother). But when I asked how come a muslim dying in battle is more courageous than his atheist counterpart even though the muslim “knows” he is going to heaven for it, they just didn’t understand what I was talking about. This was way back in 5th grade I think. I wish I had stumbled on to Russell a bit sooner, would have saved me a lot of time wasted in mindless rituals. The other thing was of course the certainty with which people “knew” things around me. These ranged from the reasons for the latest military coup to our purpose in life.

    I came across your site because I have decided that I have lived in the closet too long and want to let people know so that they can stop feeling sorry for my “condition”. Though I don’t have the energy to set up a website (one of my friends attribute my “habit” of not praying to my laziness) I have set up a group at yahoo groups which only has myself as a member of course since I set it up only half an hour ago.

    The decision was prompted by what I believe to be a resurgence of religious mania not just in our country but across the world. Can we do anything worthwhile about it? Probably not but just because we have lost already doesn’t mean we don’t have to try. Right?

    Anyway, thanks for setting up this website. It felt nice to write this down.


  3. You seem to have indulged yourself so much into philosophy that your train of thoughts have forgot how to accept reasonable thinking based on rationality. Again, this is not Islam’s fault. If You think that “we get back to the state we were before we were born” then you can also explain and perhaps create humans ? or even birds and animals, the sky , moon..etc etc. Since your so called “independant thinking” have giving you this new found “Confidence”. But the reality is your rational explanation is far from any justification. At best it can only console perhaps your thought as an independant thinker. As for the “real” world lives on “God” creates more life and runs his affairs as usual. Oh an whether you accept it or not !.

    Charity begins at home and must not end their similarly – Philosophy begins as a subject but should not change the subjected !.

  4. same is the case with me my dear
    i am also atheist but i found a friend of mine who is also an atheist
    so we can discuss our feelings with each others but only when we are alone.
    dont wory there are a lot of atheists ther in pk
    but only thing to do is to combine them by any forum.
    you can surf fithfreedom by
    as it is banned in pakistan.

  5. Hey man I think all of us Pakistani atheists need a way of catharsis,we need to form an organization/forum where all of us can gather and speak freely.
    I am glad I found your blog,keep writing,and we closet atheists will keep reading.

  6. Where have you people been hiding? I felt like I was the only Atheist in Pakistan. Well, you people need to come out of the closet and be proud of your Atheism. I’ve been out of the closet for some time now. Sure, I got treated very badly for a long time, but now most people I know have accepted it.

    We need to start a forum. We need to reach out to the general public and promote critical thinking. An Atheist meet up perhaps? I’d love to meet other Atheist.

  7. hello everybody there,
    this is not enough for the people having the mental approach up to the facts and the real picture of the religions and believes. i mean to say there must be a strong association actually where people having this school of thought can sit together and can exchange ideas. there might be some excellent idea to make people understand the facts……. i wish to make people think like me…

  8. Hello everyone,

    First of all thank you so much for constructing this website. It has given an opportunity for ‘us’ to voice our opinions and as Amber rightly said, a way of catharsis. I have come across lots of people in my professional life who don’t agree with teachings of Islam, or any other religion, but still observe every ritual of religion. this hypocrisy, religious extremism and my research of different religions and myths have led me to believe that we made religions are result of over ambitious minds!
    I am really happy and surprised to know that there is a considerable number of devotees of atheism in Pakistan. I would very much like to know and meet you guys.
    I am a media professional, working as a producer in a TV news channel in Lahore. Anyone of you are free to contact me on: nudrratkhawaja@gmail.com

    Take care and stay happy!

  9. Hi friends…yes..I cant be more agree that we need to create our own family. We have the emotional sides of our personalities and to cater that we sometime desperately want to sahre our inner feelings to someone who is understanding and caring. However, what I ahvenoticed that, (freethinkers, athiest, agnostics) are just rusting with our ideas but not translating them into reality. As a one proof, I,m observing there is no new comment here on this page since a year. I wonder how we can form a new family of friends.

  10. praying to god and asking for success in my worldly life didn’t work for years. we called him in the prayers, we called him in loneliness of night, but he did not respond and i am sure that no one can prove that God has responded him if any one called him in any affliction. eventually we came to know that all these things are fake. and all beliefs in unseen is to keep our selves in dark. any way we are compelled to be skeptical. but in a place like pakistan its not easy to survive with a god less ideology. So is there any legal forum who can help such people in seeking asylum abroad.

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